From ancient China, India, biblical Egypt, Arabia & Middle East, Europe.
It forms the basis of natural pharmacopia and was successfully used extensively till the emergence of modern-day patented big pharma chemical medicine.


"Foolish the doctor who despises the knowledge acquired by the ancients." — Hippocrates
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Terms and Conditions

1:01 All orders are processed and shipped out within three working days from receipt of order, receipt of validated card payment or cleared funds.

2:01 All US and Canada orders are shipped via RoyalMail Air (small package) Signed For. or AirSure  delivered by your regular local USPS mail service

2:02 Delivery times will vary according to destination;
USA contiguous States and Canada is usually up to within ten to twenty one business days from mailing, unless Special Delivery by Fedex, UPS, DHL or other private carriers for which a minimum extra cost of $40.00 would be charged - on request at time of ordering..

2:03 The Seller is not responsible for late delivery of the order providing the Seller has completed the processing of said order and mailed it within the above time frame backed up by an official date stamp on the mailing receipt.

2:04 ( i )The Seller will cooperate with the Buyer where a a parcel is considered overdue or late in being delivered. If said order has not been delivered after twenty one business days after the mailing receipt date; then the Seller will resend a duplicate replacement order to the buyer, (ii) except if buyer
has provided a wrong delivery address.

2.05 It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that there is someone at the delivery address to sign for the mailed delivery. In the event that the order is returned to the Seller because of the inability of the local mail carrier to obtain a signed-for receipt for the parcel. That the Buyer has not made the necessary arrangements to collect said parcel or made arrangements for redelivery, all of which leads to the return of the order to the Seller; then the Buyer will be charged with the additional postage costs of re-sending said parcel back to the Buyer. This also relates to wrong address being submitted by buyer as in the aforementioned 2.04 (iii) above....

2:06 In some countries around the globe there may be occassions where customs duty is deemed to be payable on larger orders. All customers are responsible for ascertaining their own country's requirements and have the sole responsibility for any payments that are due on goods ordered. Under no circumstances is the Seller or its shipping agents or carriers responsible for the payment of any customs duties and remains the sole responsiblity of the Buyer.
2.06 (i)  The above paragraph #2.06 and following paragraph #2.07 does not relate to USA/Canada or UK/EU countries.

2:07 The international tarrif number for ultrafine colloidal minerals in pure water is:- 22011090 Classified as other mineral waters and aeriated waters : The International tarrif number for Essiac formula  Ultrafine Super Colloidal 4HerbT infusion (liquid) is 22021000  classified as Waters including other waters.

3:01 Orders cannot be returned once the seals have been broken or the bottles or jars have been opened.

4.01 Orders that have been inadvertently DUPLICATED at the time of ordering and carry sequential ordering numbers will be automatically canceled by the Seller and considered an error of ordering. Resulting in just the original order to be processed and sent in the normal manner.

4:02 Orders that are DUPLICATED will result in the Buyer being notified and asked if they wished for a second or third identical order to be sent to them. After receiving a confirmation email confirming such instructions, the three working days for processing will commence and said order/s will be charged and shipped out to them.


4.04 (i)  Any order that has been fully processed, shipped out, and for which the Seller has a time stamped dated receipt of postage, cannot be canceled and monies refunded. Orders returned to Alchemists Workshop will be charged a 25% restocking fee and the actual cost of mailing (approx. average of $16.00 per 100ml. bottle or 60grm jar), the combined total cannot exceed a total of 65% of the gross invoice amount.

4.04 (ii) The definition of Free S&H with orders that have qualified for same; should be defined in this context, as the Seller bearing the full cost of actual postage and packing which the seller will deduct from the completed full order price paid.  Therefore in the event of a package being refused and/or returned to the Seller by the local delivery organization: - then the buyer will be liable and charged the full price of S&H even though they had ordered/purchased goods with Free S&H.

4:05 If any problems arise after receipt of the order by the Buyer relating to the condition of the products, they should notify the Seller by email to:- within 48 hours of receipt of item/s.

4.06 In the event of an order arriving either damaged, or unreasonably delayed as per article 2.04 above, in the case of damage to an order the Buyer must immediately report said damage to their local mail depot/Post Office, or where relevant, to the Special Courier Service used.  Simultaneously informing the seller by email to of said damage, together with photo/s depicting alleged  damage both to the contents (bottle/s and or jar/s) as well as specifically showing any apparent damage to the box or carton which was used to ship said order. All claim or claims for breakage or damaged goods must be made in a speedy manner as time will be judged to be the essence of any reported damage in transit claim. All goods sent to Purchasers are insured and under the terms of said insurance must be claimed within 28 days of the registered dispatch date or 7 days of the delivery date, whichever being the shorter period.

All sales are final with the exception of the foregoing

5.01 UK - Europe - Orders and Delivery Costs

Purchasers located in, or having orders delivered to UK and or Europe. are advised to visit and order from which is currently offering FREE UK/EU Shipping and Handling unless otherwise stated on website.

5.02 All sales delivered to Europe from Alchemedica (US) will carry an additional handling premium of 17.5% which shall be added to the total invoice.

5.03 UK and European sales will be calculated and charged in £ Pounds Sterling at the fixed rate of US $1.475 to the £ Pound until further notice.

Any orders which carry the minimum S&H cost because they do not reach the minimum amount to qualify for free S&H but are ordered without any S&H payment by the Purchaser, can, at the sole discretion of the Seller, be sent by regular 2nd class mail for which Proof of Posting will be obtained from sending Post office. This will mean that NO RESPONSIBILITY IS ACCEPTED for delivery of the package by the Seller and that all and any losses will be born soley by the Buyer;  AS NO INSURANCE HAS BEEN PURCHASED BY THE BUYER CONTAINED WITHIN THE MINIMUM S&H FEE.

6.01 All correspondence will be transacted by email between the parties.
phone calls requested by shoppers will be charged $5 for first three minutes and $1 a minute thereafter. to help offset the phone costs involved. Email communication is of course free.

7.01 Existing customers who place new orders but without entering new credit/debit card info will have their last valid card of record charged with the new order.

7.02 New customers who place orders without entering any credit/debit card info will be emailed a PayPal invoice, for payment directly through PayPal, for the cost of the order quoting the individual Order #.

7.03 Customers who have placed an order and have had their credit/debit card refused or unacknowledged by their card issuing bank, will have the nominated card represented up to three times - the last being approximately up to two callendar months from the attempted purchase, before the order being cancelled and made void in the event of none payment.

8.01 Exact costs charged to credit/debit cards may vary either up or down according to the to the actual value of the international currency rate of exchange of the U$ at either the time of processing your order or at the time your bank receives and enters the actual charge, This could cause an average variation of between .01 to 2% either above or under the posted dollar prices. This is beyond our control and would depend on the strength of the dollar on international currency markets. This situation reflects the current volatile fluctuations of silver, gold and copper on world commodity markets.

9.01 All multi-packaged/ multiple items offer priced as a combination package, will be counted as a single item for the purposes of any further discounts based on the number of items in a shopping cart.

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