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Dedication and the Strive for Excellence
 somewhere out there on the edge of nano particle science, atoms and quarks, we struggle to find the answers that were sometimes found, and at other times missed by a whisker by our forerunners, the old alchemists.

We are the original makers and source for Alchemists Workshop tm. unique  Ultrafine ©  Colloidals. 

Alchemists Workshop
tm. are pioneers in the research and development of 100% organic true .999 pure Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Gold, Colloidal Copper and Colloidal Zinc. This research and development has been carried out continuously for over 38 years since 1972. by the company of alchemists at Alchemists Workshop originally formed between Stonehenge and Glastonbury; later in 1978 in the search for more computer knowledge and biophysics, moved to Los Angeles, California. SInce 2001 the ebb and flow of alternative health and complimentary medicine has spread Alchemists Workshops presence back across the seas to  Europe where it can properly satisfy the reqirments of its many old and new clients and followers..

Phenomenal success has been achieved by
Alchemists Workshop tm in their unique proprietary Specific Formulated Colloidal Treatments. This has resulted in major break -throughs  in the use of special combinations of colloidals to provide a carrier, and accelerater  to magnify the effect of the main colloidal  or combination of all,. for a specific result effecting a specific common human condition. This has resulted in the study of various colloidals acting in symbiosis to the benefit of the overall condition being treated. Various disciplines have coalesced,  including alchemists,and physicists, to arrive at the final ratios and proprietary formulas to create these unique ultrafine colloidal specific treatment solutions.

It is this dedication to effective quality that leads us to follow in the ancient footsteps of our unique alchemist predecesers in taking on the mantle of detailed analysis and dedication in trying to attain the perfect elixir. This is has led us to only use the purest form of pure and primal metals for our Ultrafine Colloidals,  0.999 pure. Also in the old traditions we steam distill our water three itmes before it is used for our colloidal products. Coupled with this, we only make our colloidals using the long and slow process of low voltage transmutation. And it is this dedication to the alchemists principles that make us and our unique Ultrafine Colloidlas so very different from most others.

We simply take the knowledge of the past and utilize it today with the benefit of modern day computer technology to complete our task producing the finest quality and most effective colloidal silver, gold, copper and zinc. Thus was the term Ultrfine born, to describe this most effective of colloidals composing of only the smallest pure charged particles.

Our mission is to make sure that our colloidals are created from the smallest particles to make them the most effective colloidal products available for good holistic health and beauty enhancement.  To keep in the forefront in R&D searching for that ever elusive perfect Elixir of Life that will enable us all to live long and healthy lives, full of vitality and vigor and without pain and senility. We continue to push the boundary  -  for us all.

Alchemists Workshop's hightech development breakthroughs occurred in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica California with the advent of specialist computer programs developed to run their colloidal extraction machines there between 1982 - 2001. It is these programs that have allowed Alchemists workshop to develop and produce their unique almost nano-sized charged colloidal particles of the vital four primal and precious mineral colloidals of Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc. Since then the formulation of their combined Specific Formulas were made by cross pollination and in conjunction with many different scientific disciplines including physics, biology, electro magnetism, and physiological electricity, amongst many more.


The following trademarks are copyright owned by  Alchemists Workshop and cannot be used to describe the same or similar products. Nor can they be used as passing-off or as keywords to obtain commercial advantage for other similar products by other makers or resellers of other brands on the internet or any other media.

The following list is in alphabetical order not chronological and includes but is not limited to the following:-

Alcheme  © tm   2001

Alcheme Shampoo D’Or  © tm   2008

Alchemie  © tm   2001

Alchemists Shop  ©  tm  2001

Alchemists Workshop  ©  tm   1974

Alchemystique  ©  tm   2013

ARTHRITICA  © tm   2008

AquaLife  © tm   2008

Coppernicus Super Copper  © tm   2009

Coppernicus Copper  © tm   2009

Creme de la Creme   © tm   2001

Creme de la Creme   © tm   2001

Crème Extreme  © tm   2014

Creme d'Or  © tm   2008

Creme d'Or  © tm   2008

Crucible Silver  © tm   2001

Crucible Super Silver  © tm   2001

ELECTRA SERUM  © tm   2014

ELECTRA~SERUM  © tm   2014

Eureka Elixir  © tm   1994

Gaea Herbal Cream  © tm   2014

Gaea Herbal Earth Cream  © tm   2014

GERM-ATTACK  © tm   1998

GermAttack   © tm   1998

Golden~Silver  © tm   2008

PetsLife  © tm   1998

Ruby~Red Gold   © tm   2008

Ruby-Red Gold  © tm   2008

SKIN I  © tm   1994

SKIN II  © tm   1994

SKIN MAGIC  © tm   1994

SkinMagic  © tm   1994

Shampoo D’Or  © tm   2008

SUPER SILVER  © tm   1994

Super Silver  © tm   1994

Ultrafine  © tm   1974

Ultrafine Colloidal  © tm   1974

Ultrafine Colloidal Copper  © tm   1984

Ultrafine Colloidal Gold   © tm   1984

Ultrafine Colloidal Silver  © tm   1978

Ultrafine Colloidal Zinc  © tm   1984

ALL THE ABOVE TRADEMARK COPYRIGHTS RELATE TO PRODUCTS MADE FROM COLLOIDAL SILVER AND OR COLLOIDAL GOLD, AND OR COLLOIDAL COPPER, AND OR COLLOIDAL ZINC either used singularly or with others. The individual formulas are held as proprietary property by ALchemists Workshop.

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The Wonderful World of Alchemists Workshop tm.  Alchemedica and The Colloidal Gold, Silver & Copper Co., all come together to enter  an ethereal world merging science, alchemy, chemistry, physics, particle physics, nano technology, holistic health and alternative and complimentary medicine in multi level cooperation. All merging to provide a holistic approach to really getting to the root causes of pain and illness and treating these causes wherever they are in the body so as to eradicate those causes and not just try to deal with dampening or removing the painful  symptoms.  Consequently the long established principles which guided the Alchemists (early chemists and physicians) in their mainly mineral quest for the alleviation of pain and prolonging of a healthy and vigorous life, is extended into the modern day with the use of scientific and computer assistance, and cooperation with all other mainstream alternatives to modern pharmaceutical chemicals and their multinational global domination of our polluted environment.

We look forward to serving your colloidal needs, whether it be to further your quest for more alternatives in the use of collidals for health and beauty or mind and IQ.

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We are always interested in the latest and up todate information from our members with regards to the effects of ultrafine colloidals on themselves and their loved ones.

The Alchemists Club has running since 1994, some twenty years and operates only online.

You are welcome to join us (free membership) and enjoy the journey of dsicovery.