From ancient China, India, biblical Egypt, Arabia & Middle East, Europe.
It forms the basis of natural pharmacopia and was successfully used extensively till the emergence of modern-day patented big pharma chemical medicine.

Remember Holistic Alchemy has been successfully treating illness and disease for thousands of years, and where the actual word CHEMIST derives from.  The birth and experimentation of natural herbal and mineral potent solutions was started mlllennia ago and still continues today, here with Alchemists Workshop.  Leave the harmful chemicals out of your natural life, and work together in harmony with the natural elements already here on Earth which can interact to our benefit.


"Foolish the doctor who despises the knowledge acquired by the ancients." — Hippocrates
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Ultrafine Colloidals - Suggested Application, Use, and Dosage
an opinion
General waiver

An opinion by non-medical doctors. The following are the personal opinions of holistic alchemists meant as a basis for experiment and not given as medical advice. To obtain medical advice you should seek out the opinion of a medical doctor or licensed healthcare practitioner.                                                                                                                             February 20th 2007

Ultrafine Colloidals - Uses and General Applications.

01:01:   General Maintenance of the body: General protection against germs , viruses, harmful bacteria, allergens and pathogenic infection . One half teaspoon everyday or six days out of seven. The solution should be poured under the tongue and held there for about thirty seconds before swallowing.


01:02  Specific Use: Used to treat colds, flu and other infections relating to the nose , throat and chest area, it is recommended that a nose dropper is used to drop two drops directly into each nasal passage whilst hold the head back to allow the solution to work its way down through the nasal passages to the back of the throat before swallowing any colloidal residue. This nasal regime should be carried out both morning and evening when experiencing the beginnings of a cold, sinusitis, or flu infection. Use it at the first sign of an itchy dry throat, sneezing, or problem sinuses.


01:03   General Body and Skin Conditions: For treating aches and pains within the body and muscle and joint aches etc            a full teaspoon under the tongue daily (taken as 1:01 above) together with topical use by either spraying the colloidal solution on to the skin and gently massaging it into the skin where the problem is manifesting itself; or in the case of any skin problems, Psoriasis, eczema, chickenpox, burns, bights, or any skin trauma, spray topically immediately after the occurrence and/or drop some of the colloidal on to a clean pure cotton swab or pad and when dampened, affix in place over the problem area (avoiding skin areas subject to skin irritation possibly from the tape) using two horizontal strips of hyper allergenic surgical tape, (preferably waterproof). Change or add more colloidal solution morning and evening to cotton pad.


01:04   Arthritis, Gout, Muscle and Joints: treat exactly the same as 1:03 above but add colloidal Gold and Colloidal Copper in the same amounts both orally and topically


01:05   Colloidal Silver can also be applied safely directly to the ears, nose and eyes, using a rubber bulb glass dropper to dispense two to three drops to each eye or aperture.

2)  Ultrafine COLLOIDAL GOLD:

02:01   General Maintenance of the body: General calm and wellbeing when taken orally on a regular basis or when needed for a specific problem, to relieve STRESS and stress related pain. One half to one full teaspoon everyday or as needed. The solution should be poured under the tongue and held there for about thirty seconds before swallowing. Ideal for treating all stress related neural pains. Can also be used topically by massaging a few drops into the skin where pain is manifesting itself, and also following the pain lines along the nerves or veins using very gentle smooth light massaging movements to infiltrate the colloidal gold into and through the skin.


02:02   Gold and its uses for anxiety and panic attacks:     Taken orally as above in 02:02 but it is found beneficial if two to three drops are administered through the nasal passages as well. Sometimes tinnitus (or ringing in the ears with a fading in and out of slight hearing loss can accompany bouts of stress related occurrences. This can be helped considerably by applying a combination of equal amounts of ultrafine colloidal gold and silver to the ears, using a rubber bulb glass dropper to apply two to three drops into each ear. NEVER FORCE THE DROPPER INTO THE EAR CAVITY as serious damage can be caused


02::03   Gold is effective for the treatment of certain brain aging, and certain brain impairment conditions which usually appears with the coming of old age. This can result in certain trembling of the hands and legs as well as other manifestations. Gold, and sometimes together with colloidal copper can be very effective in helping to relieve this condition when taken orally as previously described.


02:04   Gold in combination with Copper and sometimes with silver as well is extremely effective when treating Arthritis, Gout, Muscle and Joints: treat exactly the same as 1:03 above but add colloidal Colloidal Copper in the same amounts both orally and topically. You can also experiment adding a little silver mixed in as well. This seems to work exceptionally well with some people, as all of us have a different physiology.


03:01   General Maintenance of body and mind: by taking between half and a full teaspoon every day for six days out of seven, colloidal copper will cleanse arteries and veins throughout the body and increase the elasticity of veins, arteries, and soft tissue. The suggested six days a week dosage would be taken under the tongue in the same manner as the other colloidals above.


03:02   Antioxidant and Blood Cleansing: this is what copper is all about. It will cause the veins to become temporarily enlarged with rich and healthy clean blood. This can be observed when colloidal copper is applied topically directly to the skin. The veins beneath quickly become gauged with rich oxygenated blood.


03:03   Copper usage to prevent osteoporosis; use and take orally as above as well as apply with cotton pad as discussed above This also applies to the treatment of arthritis where copper should be always added in equal parts to gold.


03:04   Copper for Skin Care to stimulate the regrowth of Collagen: and help dismiss wrinkles and sagging skin by gently massaging a few drops directly on to the skin. once or twice a day.


03:05   Copper taken orally (under the tongue before swallowing) as directed above can speed up the synapse response in the brain and thus encourage a faster thinking response and brain clarity. This can be further promoted by dropping two drops into the nasal passages. Also can be used to help ear and inner ear problems using topically as ear drops (two drops to each ear).


The aforementioned information are the personal opinions of holistic alchemists meant as a basis for experiment and not given as medical advice. To obtain medical advice you should seek out the opinion of a medical doctor or licensed healthcare practitioner.


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Claim and Counter Claim – The Hype goes on…and on

Disinformation by Vested Interests


Manipulating the seeds of confusion relating to Colloidal Silver:-

·        colour of colloidal silver

·        adding of proteins+

·        Ionic or not ionic

·        Effective level of ppm

·        Argyria and the infamous Blue Man

·        Only Three Important Needs for Colloidal Silver


The colour of colloidal silver


Much has been written about the correct colour of colloidal silver, but unfortunately no one has explained that all colour, ranging from none ie clear through to dark amber are all basically the same. There are those on the internet that state only theirs is the true colloidal and claims range from clear through pale yellow, citrine, topaz through to amber and dark amber. However from our own experience all of this depends on the following things.


  1. Purity of water
  2. Purity of the actual source silver rods used
  3. The time of day and time of the month the colloidal silver extraction takes place will effect the colloidal silver outcome.
  4. Sun-spots – The occurrence of sunspots will  effect the colour outcome of colloidal silver.


So although there is a vast range of colour difference it would seem from our own experience that providing all the above points about purity remain at .999pure and the water is three times steam distilled – then the most common outcome is a pale golden colour, ranging to an amber colour depending upon strength (ppm).


An 11ppm to 15pppm  usually comes out at a golden  colour, and a 100ppm -500ppm usually comes out at between a pale amber to a dark amber. All things being equal however, I have known the colours to shift at certain times of the year to reflect an almost invisible pale yellow or even a clear result for an 11ppm to 15ppm both of which will still show the same Tyndal Effect; that of a foggy beam through a mist, when a light beam is passed through the apparently clear colloidal solution. This effect validates a colloidal and is the same whatever colour it is and depends only upon the strength of the colloidal as to its density.


Addition of Proteins and other Additives

Quite frankly a true colloidal made in this modern day should be made in the same way as its originator Faraday invented at the turn of the 18th century. That being the  use of low levels of electricity to pull off microscopic particles of silver from pure silver rods, creating silver particles with a positive charge.


Before this event silver water or so-called colloidal silver was made using a method of pounding the silver down to a very fine dust and then putting them in a container of water. The problem was that the silver particles were far too large and sank to the bottom of the glass container or bottle.  So they subsequently added other additives to help keep the silver particles in suspension; these included common salt which then dangerously changes the silver to silver chloride which definitely isn’t good for you to imbibe.


Because these early silver particles were very large in comparison to modern day colloidals, they also risked the user contracting Argyria which results in the skin turning blue. I hasten to add that there has never been a case of this from the use of properly made colloidal silver as made according to the Faraday model.


So the true meaning and definition of a colloidal solution is one where the mineral element is suspended in only pure clean water by its own electrical charge and NOTHING ELSE IS ADDED.  Anything added will only detract from the benefits of a true colloidal.


In an attempt to try and patent colloidal silver (which is in the public domain) quite a few scientific companies today claim that it is the combination of their additives that create a patentable special colloidal, which will do more than a regular colloidal.  Quite frankly we believe that this is just a smoke screen to obtain a type of patent on a regular colloidal. It’s for you to make up your own minds about this aspect of the subject.


To sum up the situation as to the use of additives:-

  1. Any type of additive diminishes and negates the effect of a true colloidal silver.
  2. The use of salt or any other type of suspension additive can not only harm you when taken orally but is used by some unscrupulous makers who need to either create a suspension for their larger and heavier silver particles and are thus forced to use a suspension compound or solution. But some will also use things to add colour which they think will help them sell their questionable products.
  3. Finally it can be seen that only super fine or ultrafine microscopic silver particles suspended only by their own positive electrical charge and nothing else can be really described as a true colloidal silver.


Ionic versus non-Ionic Particles.

Claim and Counter Claim – The Hype goes on…and on – There is so much disinformation around about colloidal silver as to make you wonder where it all comes from and in whose interest it is for it to continue.

Basically  there is  a very short answer to this seemingly complex question and that is as follows:-


An ion is a charged particle  - a true colloidal particle is an electrically  charged particle. Thus all true colloidals are made up of ionic particles.

What I don’t understand us how this controversy ever arose in the first place.

How can you describe an almost nano-sized charged particle of silver anything other than an ion. So why can’t you call it ionic silver.

So-called colloidal silver that is not made carrying a positive charge cannot be a true colloidal silver at all, but is in fact an abomination using other means of suspension and therefore is not pure and has lost its most intrinsic dynamism – its reason for existence…..


Effective level of a true Colloidal Silver


There is a lot of misunderstanding about what is the best ppm level for a colloidal silver.  Unfortunately all the best and educational information as laid out by some of the largest and most respected institutions in the US, have allowed themselves and their finding about colloidal silver to be removed from the internet.


In past clinical studies published on the internet, by as diverse institutions as John Hopkins, University of Northern Texas and UCLA California; the consensus regarding what is an effective ppm for colloidal silver seems to be 11ppm /12ppm. This strength has been shown extremely effective in eradicating and killing most illness and disease in-vitro within  twenty minutes. Obviously when killing off these same bugs and pathogens within the human body, a much longer period would be needed.    It is  not our place here to go into all the types of    germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens that silver can eradicate as there is ample information available on US sites like and International sites like and


Only in the case of trying to treat stubborn and serious conditions is there a need to use an Ultrafine Colloidal Silver of 485ppm/500ppm; anything higher is, in the opinion of this writer, a complete waste of time.


Argyria and the infamous Blue Man


If the misinformation wasn’t so serious in questioning the validity of colloidal silver, it would indeed be laughable.

Many, many years ago a man living a pretty much holistic and wholesome life decided to make his own so-called colloidal silver. Only it wasn’t true colloidal silver, it was powdered silver dust that he put into water and then proceeded to drink about 4ozs a day for many years. So much so that his skin became a greyish blue. This is a condition called Argyria. It is caused when the particles are too large to pass through the body’s membranes. We don’t know how, or if he suspended these large silver particles, but either way the particles built up in his body causing the skin reaction. Other than his skin turning colour as above, he suffered no toxic poisoning despite his silver overload.  He was reported to have said that he remained healthy and always used his own silver to eradicate any  type of infections over the years.


Now the story really gets interesting. Based on the above occurrence he has become the poster boy for the heavy anti-colloidal silver lobby; being rolled out whenever they try to suppress the sale of this unique and historically successful health product.  The huge Pharma interests would like to suppress the sale of all colloidal silver and have used this guy’s crazy actions to support their claims that it is not safe. 


However despite all their claims, and in particular the specific event highlighted above, there has never ever been one single solitary report through the FDA or EDA of any toxic or any poisonous case being reported to these two organizations relating to true colloidal silver, - EVER!


The whole series of anti-silver propaganda has been very well orchestrated and yet the US Government still continues to fund the United Nation’s World Health Organization’s projects throughout South America and of late Africa, promoting the use of colloidal silver to kill off all types of water borne diseases,  including cholera and typhoid just to mention  two.  The US Governments backing amounts to $57 million Dollars! So one part of the US Government DOES KNOW IT WORKS and people don’t turn blue!


Only Three Important Needs for an Effective Colloidal Silver


So now you want to know what makes up a good and effective true colloidal silver, which is safe to use, organic, and pure; which will do the job that you want it to do?


  1. For almost all conditions a colloidal silver of between 10ppm to 14ppm is sufficient to solve most conditions. *(subject to the quality of particle size)


Although it should be noted that it will take usually between three to ten days treatment once a condition has taken hold.  In the event of using colloidal silver as soon as the first signs appear and using it both orally and a few drops in each nasal passage in the event of early warning symptoms of sinus infection, head cold, or sore throat and cough; in which case you can sometimes eradicate it overnight if caught early enough.

The same strength of 10ppm – 14ppm is also a very effective strength for treating topical conditions like cuts, abrasions, sprains, skin ulcers*, Acne* and Psoriasis.

* In some incidents of severe and large open skin ulcers and severe cases of Acne and Psoriasis it may be more effective and faster to use an ultrafine Super Silver of 485/500ppm


It’s Not the PPM which has to be higher  –

But the Particle Size that has to be SMALLER.

Particle size of an almost nano-sized particle measuring about 0.10 to 0.001 mcg is considered the best and most effective because it can enter a human blood cell which is about 1.00 mcg. Thus it can enter and eradicate invading germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens. It is also small enough to pass through all skin membranes and thus be evacuated from the human or mammal body in the normal manner, so avoiding any chance of a toxic build-up. The smaller the particle size – the longer it takes to create and thus in a lot of cases the silver is of a larger particle size and thus less effective.  Ultrafine colloidal silver is made from these tiny ultrafine particles.



  1. Purity of water and Silver source is essential because any impurity can and will diminish or even negate the benefits of the resultant colloidal.

 The less pure the silver rods that are used, - the higher the amount of additional  unknown metals that are present in the silver and thus this will be transferred into the resultant silver colloidal. Consequently you will end up with an amalgamation of silver and other metals in your finished product. Not acceptable and could be risky. For example some Ma an’ Pa operations use the odd bit of old silver jewellery to make their colloidals – these are not pure enough and thus could be introducing other metals like nickel and other alloys which are not going to do you any good at all.  Some reputable colloidal makers only use medical quality gold and silver at .999 purity which of coarse is the best possible outcome.


The amount of solids and minerals in ordinary water is now well known and if not steam distilled will transpose their unwelcome contribution to the final outcome of a colloidal mixture.  Thus it is vitally necessary to steam-distil the water used, enough times to remove all these impurities to provide a pure and effective true colloidal.



  1. Bottles – NOT PLASTIC But Glass or Ceramic

If the bottles are made from glass they should be colour tinted to severely cut down on sunlight penetration, so preventing an unwanted interaction between the charged colloidal particles and the sun’s rays containing photons and protons.

Admittedly tinted glass bottles are a lot more expensive that plain plastic or even coloured plastic bottles, however there is also another equally important consideration. Plastic is notoriously known for holding a static electrical charge. Over time this builds up and can totally negate the positive charge contained in your colloidal particles – thus negating the whole process and leaving you with a useless plastic bottle of water with the bottom of the bottle littered with tiny small clumps of small particles.

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