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The true and most effective PURE colloidal can only e made using the highest quality of sourced metal rods of .999 Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc.  In todays modern world it is very difficult to obtain this type of quality and thus comes at a premium price.
Not even amongst medical gold suppliers can you find this .999 quality within the UK.  We have to go far and wide to find and obtain excellent smelting facilities that can produce these precious and primal metals.
Whis also includes the most important commoditiy that being pure water.  We have found that in some cases not even regular steam distilled water is pure enough for our purpose of making colloidals of sufficient nicro-sized particles. Consequently our policy is to steam distill the pure water three time to ensure medical quality purity of the water.

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Because of the extreme quality of our Ultrafine Colloidals their size of particles allow them to enter individual blood cells and kill off germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens.

Both the quality of the water and source metal used in this transmutation is of the utmost importance to reach a fully effective colloidal. (Alchemists have been doing it for decades...even probably over the millennia..)

Time is the last ingredient.needed to create a stunning effective colloidal.   This is because the longer the process using a low electrical process, -the smaller and finer the resultant colloidal particles.  Some of our colloidals take over two weeks just to make one batch. Compare this type of quality to the fast production merchants that make a colloidal out of non-,99 sources and use in some cases, ordinary tap water!

The problem is that every time you get an impurity in the water or in the metal source material (which is why for example you can not use a 9 or 14crt gold chain). The effect is hugely detrimental and will effect the
quality and  efficacy of the resultant poor quality colloidal.

All of this means; search out for your supplier with some reputation. Make sure that the seller knows details of the subject and does not try to confuse you with talk about colours and proteins or any other types of additives. -THERE SHOULD BE ABSOLUTELY NO ADDITIVES of any kind in a true and effective colloidal.

The simplicity of a really good and effective colloidal only containing the actual metal suspended ONLY by its positve electrical charge in pure steam-distilled water - is what really poses a challenge for reputable makers..  Anything else is just HYPE!  And Fairground Slight-of-hand.

Like everything else in Life - it is the simpler the process - the more care that has to be taken and the longer it takes. - and that to do otherwise using additional ingredients or cheaper plastic bottles only covers up the inadequacy of the product..

So not every colloidal makers product is equal - and not every colloidal is effective.  This IS definitely where what you pay for is what you get.

Alchemists Workshop has been established since 1974 and is a leader and pioneer in the making and use of ultrafine colloidals made out of gold, silver, copper and zinc, used both for health and beauty enhancement, body and mind.

The Ultrafine quality of its colloidals have been shown effective time and again when used to fight off infection and disease, as well as when used to accelerate fast healing; and regeneration of skin, muscle, bone, cartilage, and soft tissue conditions, including early stages of arthritis.

Thank you for reading this explanation about colloidal quality and pricing.

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