From ancient China, India, biblical Egypt, Arabia & Middle East, Europe.
It forms the basis of natural pharmacopia and was successfully used extensively till the emergence of modern-day patented big pharma chemical medicine.

Remember Holistic Alchemy has been successfully treating illness and disease for thousands of years, and where the actual word CHEMIST derives from.  The birth and experimentation of natural herbal and mineral potent solutions was started mlllennia ago and still continues today, here with Alchemists Workshop.  Leave the harmful chemicals out of your natural life, and work together in harmony with the natural elements already here on Earth which can interact to our benefit.


"Foolish the doctor who despises the knowledge acquired by the ancients." — Hippocrates
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COMPARE PRICES of COLLOIDAL SILVER for ultrafine most effective quality - at cheapest prices

When comparing Colloidal Silver it is extremely important to compare like for like.

1)  This is especially important when comparing different makes of colloidals that you check to see if the colloidal silver is of the same strength PPM.


  • Clinical Tests have shown that the minimum optimal PPM is between 10ppm to 12ppm. at which point all germs, viruses, pathogens and allergens are eradicated in a laboratory test petri dish.
  • However within the human body and other complex warm blooded mammals it obviously takes much longer because of all the processes and systems it has to travel through to get to the ultimate area it needs to reach.

Therefore because of the manner it uses for the anihilation of single celled invading bugs, which it kills by a form of suffocation by depriving these enemy cells of oxygen, it can take some time to complete its work as it attacks the actual cause not deadening just the pain or suppressing the symptoms.

By choosing a stronger PPM, the job should be completed more methodically and in a shorter time. Not leaving too large a number of survivors to breed and multiply between doses  (the weaker PPM in dealing with tough or stronger entrenched pathogens taking longer for the entire protocol to work)

2)  Most important though is the size of the actual electrically charged particles of colloidal silver.


Whether used orally or topically......

  • Only finely made or ultrafine colloidal silver composing of colloidal silver particles of between 0.10 and 0.01 micron has the ability to pass through all human membranes to the extent of actually being able to enter a single blood cell in their hunt to kill single celled invader pathogens.

Paradoxically the small.particle size also creates a larger combined surface area which is also extremely important when exposing germs, viruses and bacteria to silver. It also allows these electrically charged particles to keep themselves suspended without the addition of ANY additives of any kind and thus create a TRUE EFFECTIVE COLLOIDAL.

To attain these ultra small and almost nano-sized silver particles a much longer extraction time is required (three to four times longer or three to four days to make each batch). Thus in cost of time and extra pure materials using .999 medical quality silver as well as only using three times steam distilled hospital intravenous quality water., the resultant prices will never compare with alternative suppliers who use less pure silver and sometimes only use tap water for their colloidals. This will result in drop-off. of much larger particles of less purity with a larger proportion of  big particles dropping off to the bottom of the bottle As stated earlier larger particles of more than .9 micron just wont get the job done satisfactorily.

3)  Importance of dark coloured Glass Bottles and Containers.


Despite a lot of recent promotion to the contrary the most effective ultrafine colloidals are always presented for sale in darkened GLASS bottles.

  • This is because plastic can store and build up static electricity which can negate the positive electrical charge in the colloidal silver, and thus totally weaken the effectiveness of the whole solution.
  • The reason why darkened glass coloured amber or cobalt blue is used, is to protect the colloidal silver contents from direct sun's rays. The photons will interact and weaken the charged colloidal silver particles thus a darkened glass bottle will protect the colloidal solution and maintain its full efficacy.

Obviously you must take the above three conditions into account when comparing and purchasing colloidals, which we first mentioned above, regarding comparing like for like.

For example; Sample 'A'  50ml. 6 to 7ppm colloidal silver packaged in a plastic bottle and offered at say £6.50

Sample 'A'  is in fact more expensive than Sample 'B' an Ultrafine Colloidal silver of 12/14ppm packed in a cobalt coloured glass bottle and offered at £23.45.

The reason is as follows:

Firstly the amount of the Sample 'B' Ultrafine 100ml is double that of the 50ml.amount offered in the Sample 'A'   so basically just in volume alone the cost being charged based on contents volume value is comparable at £13.00

Secondly Sample 'A', the composition is 50% weaker at 6/7ppm than the Ultrafine Colloidal Silver Sample 'B' at 12/14ppm so value has to doubled yet again bringing the so-called cheaper bargain Sample 'A' up to £26.00 composition value.

In comparison, the original so-called dearer priced alternative Sample 'B' Ultrafine Colloidal Silver priced at £23.45 is in reality 10% Cheaper! 


So basically you can see from the above examples that on the face of it the 50ml. bottle of silver although costing you £6.50 is, in comparison to a surperior 100ml. Ultrafine Colloidal SIlver, is actually costing you more money at £26.00. when comparing like for like!

In all probability the so-called cheaper offer in a plastic bottle containing colloidal silver will lose its effect from deterioration from sunlight and through interaction with static electricity.

The moral of the story is:-


COMPARABLE AND COMPETITIVE PRICES - For the Most Effective Colloidal Silver, Gold, Copper and Zinc

SILVER per 100ml.

12/14ppm Ultrfine Quality

Price Comparisons Colloidal SIlver
Pricing per 100ml. Pricing per 100ml. Pricing per 50ml.
BULK General Rate FREE Colloidal Silver
200ml package 50ml. Value
from £14.00 from £21.12 ABOLUTELY FREE
equivilant to 100ml. equivilant to 100ml. when purchasing gold and silver
Observation: Observation:
Less than £7.50 per 50ml. less than the price
equivalent price of regular 50ml. Size

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