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Throughout the history of our species, humankind have been searching for The Elixir of Life.
Probably the longest connected search has been carried out by the Alchemists; who for the past five thousand years have in one way or the other been searching for this illusive elixir.

We have taken the basic core of alchemy, that relating to the superiority and use of gold and taken it into the realms of the last three decades of research relating to the Body Electric.  We have melded our understanding of the use and benefits of humankind's most basic need for balancing the four precious and primal minerals of GOLD, Silver, Copper and Zinc with the body's need for their particular electrical resonance and thus after 40 years we have arrived with our answer.

Three Eureka Elixirs in differing strengths depending on the health needs of the user.

1. regular:  Eureka Elixir -  a good daily maintenance program.

2. super:  Eureka Super Elixir  -  stronger and good for treating the usual everyday ailments.

3. ultimate:  Eureka ULTIMATE Elixir.  - the ultimate high strength Ultimate Elixir of Life for those big health life challenges.