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GERM-ATTACK! concentrated 450-500ppm Formula (50ml.) Kills all invaders - FAST! Maybe even SwineFlu?

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High colloidal concentration formula - defends body, and attacks all infections from germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens.

Fast acting potent ppm up to 450-500ppm. For use internally and topically. Greatest germ and bacteria killer! We don't know of any circumstances where any single-celled invader has not been eradicated within a clinical petri dish environment within a few hours maximum. (obviously within a living complex organism like the human body it will take from a few hours to a few weeks to finally eradicate an entire infection.This is one that you should always carry with you when you travel in crowded places or in remote natural environments.

Also found effective in protecting and defending against most typesof FLU especially when taken with the very first onset of symptoms. (sore or itchy throat, dry cough or swolen or painful sinuses)
SF/GA* 50ml.  £28.50  (medium size)
also available in:-  small  personal mobile size (10ml.)

and Large (100ml.) Double the amount for only £16,50 extra

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