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GermAttack and Eureka = Double Jeopardy Protection Pack = 1 x 100ml. Eureka Elixir PLUS 1 x 100ml. GermAttack 17.27% SAVINGS

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Double Jeopardy Protection
The 100% Organic Natural Shield

   1. Don't Get ILL
   2. Recharge Your Batteries
   3. Be and Feel 100%
   4. Help Repel Infections
   5. Attempt to defend against Funny Tummy on your Vacation.
   6. Don't let Yourself and Your Loved Ones Down During this Summer
   7. Defend against infection from unknown origins.

You CAN Protect yourself against the above with daily use of Eureka Elixir containing a combination of Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc

                + Protect and fight against unknown single celled carriers of infection.

                + Accelerate immune response mechanism to defend the body

You CAN also have strong protection and fightback mechanism against attack by unknown germs, viruses, allergens and other types of infections by having a bottle of our proprietary and STRONGEST Combination Formula GERM-ATTACK!

One of Each
1 bottle 100ml. Eureka Elixir and
1 bottle 100ml. Germ-Attack

Double Jeopardy Protection

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Double Jeopardy Protection Kit

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