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Make-over for Body & Mind : All You Need to make you feel Healthy, Fit, Strong, Vital & Looking Good

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(B) All 50ml. Bottles and 30grm jar

50ml. Bottle of Ultrafine Colloidal Gold

1)   50ml. Bottle of Ultrafine Colloidal Gold - To wipe away your cares and Relieve Stress. Relax your entire body and dispose of all and any neural related aches and pains. This will also boost your IQ. libido and glands.

50ml. Bottle of Ultrafine Colloidal Silver
2)   50ml. Bottle of Ultrafine Colloidal Silver - for treating your hard to heal skin abrasions, spider or insect bights, cuts, rashes or severe skin bruising (when used together with ultrafine colloidal copper). Taken orally this will also boost your immune system and kill off any imbedded germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens or pathogens that you may be carrying around and not fully realize that you are experiencing a low level virus or infection. All of this is going to make you feel 100% better and feel more fit and more vital.

50ml.  Ultrafine Colloidal Copper
3)   50ml. Bottle of Ultrafine Colloidal Copper - for cleaning out those sluggish arteries and veins, increase the elasticity of all soft tissue while at the same time speeding your synapse in your brain for faster and clear thinking.  When used topically, you will be able to smooth out those annoying little wrinkles and reduce any swelling due to sun or weather exposure; or just the result of living in a highly polluted and toxic environment. If used as together with gold and silver it can be applied on to a clean cotton pad and fixed over a painful sprain, arthritis, or swollen and painful joint to eradicate the causation and speed up repair.

Ultrafine Colloidal Crème de la Creme  tm.
4)    30grm (large jar) of our unique Ultrafine Colloidal Crème de la Creme  tm. containing Ultrafine Colloidal Gold, Silver, Copper, Dead Sea Salts and three full aroma pure essential oils. This body and skin cream is described by our clients as the Everything Cream tm.  and can be used by you to improve your skin by refreshing it and revitalizing it while at the same time sinking into the sub-derma layers and boosting your tired old collagen production, firming up skin and defining the angular planes on faces and muscles. You can use it to also treat muscular aches and pains as well as reliving sore and tired limbs and swollen joints.

50ml. Spray Mist bottle of each of Skin I and Skin II (total 2 x bottles)
5)   Lastly, we will include TWO 50ml. Spray Mist bottles, one of each of Skin I and Skin II, to treat your skin. Providing one for skin surface repair and the other for boosting sub-derma production of collagen so that both used in tandem will give you a great looking smooth, healthy and vibrant skin

UK/EU Package B)

#s 1, 2, 3 & 5 above will be all 50ml aprox 2oz bottles; with #4 consisting of the smaller 35grm jar.
TOTAL 5 X 50ml. BOTTLES and 1 x 35grm jar.
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