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New Advanced Colloidal Solutions

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In this section we introduce our latest new pure colloidal products developed in our own Alchemists Workshop research and development program.

  ANNOUNCEMENT: March 9th 2019

Ad~Infinitum tm.  copyright Alchemists Workshop March 2019
       preventative action - accelerated healing
All Body & Mind Tonic  - Preventative Action 

Super SILVER   

Ruby~Red GOLD  

Coppernicus Super COPPER

Zigarat ZINC


B-12 (Methalcobalinine) - most effective - water soluble  .

Samento  wonder Amazonian plant extract

Damascus Rose extract - based on Nostra Damis’  plague treatment/cure

Specially chosen assorted organic pure herbal extracts

The latest above product has been developed by us here at Alchemists Workshop as  result of our numerous annual Knowledge Safaris to tap into local indigenous native populations located in the Amazon Rain Forest and who are still treated for their illnesses by their most learned Shamans based on natural herbs and plant extracts passed down over the ages,  and which have been shown to work on their own populations cut off from the modern world with its poisons…

To be taken as 1 level teaspoon (aprx. 5ml.)    poured under the tongue, keeping the liquid there for aprx. 20-30 seconds before swallowing same.    Can be taken twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening if necessary.

Available in the following sizes:   100ml. -  250ml.  -  500ml. (half liter)  -  1000ml. (1 liter)

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Ad~Infinitum - preventative action - accelerated healing

Ad~Infinitum tm. All Body & Mind Tonic - Preventative Action - accelerated healing based on our own annual Knowledge Safari to the Amazon Rain Forest, where we incorporate the ancient wisdom of the local Shamans and their local knowdge of local pure plant extracts for healing and keeping fit and healthy. All of this we have incorporated into our own progressive holistic alchemy based on millennia of alchemy to treat the whole body and mind.

Coppernicus SUPER COPPER 200ppm/235ppm - 20 times stronger than the regular 11/12ppm...NEW!

When others fail you - get the stronger colloidal copper called Coppernicus Super - its 20 times stronger and gets to the problem of skin elasticity, wrinkles, collagen production; cleans arteries, cleans veins, speeds up thinking,

Creme d'Or - The International 24crt Gold Standard of Skin Cream - Lrge 60grm List £135 SAVE £20.00

Crème d'Or or cream of GOLD is the ultimate colloidal gold cream for body and face. Its alchemistic composition includes rare organic essential oils and vegan aloronic , dead sea crystals and seaweed extract.


Huiles de Trinité tm. 2019 Three cold pressed essential oils used throughout the past 5000 years up to including current times. Based on ancient wisdom and ancient research spreading from ancient China, through the holy men of India and onwards along the silk roads to eventually reach Europe. These three oils in particular, have been chosen by Alchemists Workshop because of their proven healing and capacity to carry so many of the body’s vital ingredients to combat illness and disease, much of which is caused by our modern living conditions on ourselves as humanity as well as our overall complete polluted and infected ecosystems. It would appear that there is now greatest beneficial use for these oils which seem to even confirm the old adage that the benefits of the total is greater than its individual parts. Huiles de Trinité tm.Ó 2019 is made to our proprietary formula which also includes microscopic charged particles of colloidal GOLD, SILVER, COPPER and ZINC to also hasten fast healing and bodily interaction prompting the natural immunity system to kick in and perform as it should. The overall effect is to recharge the body’s overall natural functions and thus deal with most of modern day humanity’s health crisis brought on by modern day polluted and damaged eco systems - bad air - bad water - electrostatic and oscillating variable wave lengths from all our signals broadcasting etc. We believe that our Huiles de Trinité tm.Ó 2019 can, and will help, your mitochondria make the necessary reconnections to repair and organize your body’s own immune system to keep all, back in good order. Huiles de Trinité tm.Ó 2019 is available in 50ml and 100ml. bottles. To be used topically and can be taken orally ( 1 teaspoon - up to twice daily) See also.. Huiles de Trinité Crème tm.Ó 2019 available close or thereafter Christmas 2019 Huiles de Trinité Crème tm.Ó 2019 available close or thereafter Christmas 2019 We believe that our Huiles de Trinité Crème tm.Ó 2019 can, and will help, your mitochondria make the necessary reconnections to repair and organize your body’s own immune system to keep all, back in good order; specially in the case of skin and the immediate sub-derma layers accounting for skin wrinkles, muscle and joint swellings resulting from arthritis and or other inflammatory problems; and pollution causing allergies. will be available in 60grm jars towards the end of the year and in full launch for 2020 Huiles de Trinité tm.Ó 2019 Huiles de Trinité Crèmetm.Ó 2019 Are both trademarks and copyright of Alchemists Workshop tm. These products will be available exclusively through:- USA - Canada - The Americas US$ = UK - EU - Europe - International UK£ =

Gaea Herbal Earth Cream - Worlds Greatest Herb and Gold to perfect your skin..and more