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December 28th 2019


In most cases we have had reason to use these products that we advocate below - we also used our own Super Silver 450/485ppm in conjunction with the use of Essiac.:-

1)  ESSIAC (herbal tea for the treatment of various cancerous conditions and growths)

An Alchemist Workshop Recommendation.
This source follows the strict formula/s successfully used and created by the nurse creator Ms. Caise and her subsequent research followers both in Canada and the United States various research centres and clinic  (Discount Essiac Tea)
Your source for genuine, authentic essiac tea at an affordable price. We believe in our essiac so much, we guarantee it!


new micro energy break-throughs
Our work was futher validated by the now famous breakthrouigh  book by Dr Robert Becker in 1985, entitled The Body Electric.
We have conclusively demonstrated that the specific positive low guez charges which remain different   and particular to each of the SIlver - Gold - Copper and Zinc point and zero into the particular parts of the human body that needs these electrical ratios to boost their performance and to kill off all single celled invaders.
Your Monthly News & Updates
REPORTED ON BBC Monday August 1st

'Hacking nerves can control disease'

  • 1 August 2016


Controlling human nerve cells with electricity could treat a range of diseases including arthritis, asthma and diabetes, a new company says.
Galvani Bioelectronics hopes to bring a new treatment based on the technique before regulators within seven years.
GlaxoSmithKline and Verily, formerly Google, Life Sciences, are behind it.
Animal experiments have attached tiny silicone cuffs, containing electrodes, around a nerve and then used a power supply to control the nerve's messages.
One set of tests suggested the approach could help treat type-2 diabetes, in which the body ignores the hormone insulin.
They focused on a cluster of chemical sensors near the main artery in the neck that check levels of sugar and the hormone insulin.
The sensors send their findings back to the brain, via a nerve, so the organ can coordinate the body's response to sugar in the bloodstream.
GSK vice-president of bioelectronics Kris Famm told the BBC News website: "The neural signatures in the nerve increase in type 2-diabetes.
"By blocking those neural signals in diabetic rats, you see the sensitivity of the body to insulin is restored."
And early work suggested it could work in other diseases too.
"It isn't just a one-trick-pony, it is something that if we get it right could have a new class of therapies on our hands," Mr Famm said.
But he said the field was only "scratching the surface" when it came to understanding which nerve signals have what effect in the body.
Both the volume and rhythm of the nerve signals could be having an effect rather than it being a simple case of turning the nerve on or off.
And even if the approach works theoretically, a huge amount of effort will be needed to make the technology practical.
The kits to hack the nerves will need to be miniaturised, customisable to different patients' nerves, durable enough to survive in the body long-term and have sufficient battery power.
Dr Famm added: "In 10 to 20 years I think there will be a set of these miniaturised precision therapies that will be available for you and me when we go to a doctor."
Verily chief technology officer Brian Otis said: "Bioelectronic medicine is a new area of therapeutic exploration, and we know that success will require the confluence of deep disease biology expertise and new highly miniaturised technologies.
"This partnership provides an opportunity to further Verily's mission by deploying our focused expertise in low power, miniaturised therapeutics and our data analytics engine to potentially address many disease areas with greater precision with the goal of improving outcomes."

All our ultrafine Colloidal SIlver choices can help keep you healthy and vital. Help rebuild damaged or infected cells - of tissue - bone - muscle and joints and repair skin and general infection, while offering strong and efficient protection.

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The very special frequencies put out by our own special ultrafine colloidal copper hones in on your arteries, veins, collagen and synapses. Besides being a unique blood cleanser and enabling elasticity in the cell walls and arteries, it also repairs and generates new collagen for skin and wrinkles; as well interacts with bone and cartilage!
We are the Makers of three kinds of BioCelElectric Ultrafine Colloidal Copper CHECK IT OUT HERE.
Ruby Red Gem iv
GOLD AT THE HEART OF HUMAN LIFE - our link to outer space creation and universal electrical resonance.

The electrical resonance given out by our bio-electric ultrafine and Ruby~Red Gold aims directly towards our entire neural system,, where it regulates our heart's pumping mechanism and calms our entire body and mind.. In combination with copper, works on joints and arthritic conditions.
WE include GOLD in many of our Special Formulas including certain Skin Creams  CHECK IT OUT HERE.
ZINC a MUST Bio Cel Electric Component

Up to 20% of our zinc in our  bodies is used by our skin where it plays its part in tissue repair and  renewal.
Helping to maximize the IMMUNE SYSTEM Protecting and maintaining normal VISION Protecting and maintaining normal FERTILITY AND REPRODUCTION
Protecting and maintaining normal SKIN, HAIR and NAILS
Protecting and maintaining normal DNA synthesis and true CELL DIVISION
Protects CELL constituents from oxidative damage
Protecting and maintaining normal COGNITIVE FUNCTION
Helps to protect and regulate the PROSTATE

Infection protection and healing increased when taken  as an adjunct with Ultrafine Colloidal SILVER.
When used specifically to deal with skin problems and cognitive function, the overall effects are increased when taken and used with Ultrafine COPPER and GOLD.
Extremely necessary for overall disease and illness control, protection, immune system and general body cleansing of infections. CHECK IT OUT HERE 
Thanks for taking the trouble to read the above latest information that confirms our own research and resulting BioCelElectric colloidal products are far ahead of the curve.
Thats because we dont use micro chip engineering to insert into your body to achieve the results described in the above articles - we produce these important nano sized chaged particles of colloidal gold -silver - copper and zinc which you can take and use topically to treat your own system and beat most infections and health conditions.
Its nice to be validated from time to time and find that our thoughts and conceptual thinking is bang on the button.  My fiends....these are for you....
Wishing you good health, much laughter and evermore wisdom.
chief holistic alchemist
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22nd February 2014


Over the past 40 years that we've been researching and developing the Alchemists theories and practices of holistic alchemy. We investigated the whole spectrum of how and why these microscopic charged particles  effected the human body and came to the conclusion that due to the entire body's electrical circuitry through which all instructions from and to the brain are carried, lies the answer to our good health and the boosting of our system to fight and restore damaged cells. So it is somewhat  comforting to see our findings validated almost everyday by the so called latest medical breakthroughs which are turning treatments from chemical drugs to this latest discovery of using some form of electrical devices or electrical micro hardware to insert into the human body to do its magic.  We here at Alchemists Workshop believe that this can be accomplished with the use of almost nano-sized charged particles of Ultrafine Colloidal Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc; all of which can enter individual blood cells throughout the human body to kill off germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens; stimulate and repair broken or damaged cells including muscle, bone, cartilage and all soft tissue.

THE GOLDEN HOURS OF SLEEP  a vital necessity!
Because we know that ultrafine colloidal gold calms the entire neuro-system and enters into the brain where it also calms down over active neurons and relieves stress; we know from our clients around the world that they have conquered their own sleep problems while working in a stressful environment, -  by taking our colloidal gold at night time prior to going to bed.


article published by Daily Mail newspaper UK

Scientists think they have discovered the switch in the brain that tells our bodies when to go to sleep
Professor Gero Miesenböck, whose team conducted the research, said: ‘When you’re tired, these neurons in the brain shout loud and they send you to sleep.’
The researchers demonstrated the theory on fruit flies, removing the switch to create insomniac insects.
They are convinced the same molecular system which forces neurons to fire works in the human brain.
Dr Jeffrey Donlea, who co-authored the study in the journal Neuron, added: ‘There is a similar group of neurons in a region of the human brain.

Researchers are trying to find out how to activate the sleep switch is so that it can be used to treat insomnia.

When the alarm clock goes off in the morning it is all too tempting to reach across and hit the snooze button.
But those extra minutes in bed add up all too quickly. A new survey has found that on average we lose 85 hours a year to the alarm clock snooze function.
Sleep psychologist Chireal Shallow said: ‘We snooze for many reasons, predominantly because we want to squeeze as much sleep out of the night as possible, and often still feel tired when we wake.
‘This is especially true in the winter months as we need to wake whilst it’s still dark outside, which means our bodies do not get a chance to awake naturally.
‘Snoozing is the way we, as humans, attempt to mitigate the lack of sleep, or how tired we feel by trying to wake up gradually and gently.’
The survey of 1,000 people, conducted by cereal brand Fuel, found that the average Briton sets their alarm for 06.58am, but most could not peel themselves out of bed until 7.12am.
Nearly a third - 29 per cent - put their alarm clock on the other side of the room in an attempt to force them out of bed.
One in ten have been sacked or bagged a written warning at work for being late because of snoozing.
‘These neurons are also electrically active during sleep and, like the flies’ cells, are the targets of general anaesthetics that puts us to sleep.
‘It’s therefore likely that a molecular mechanism similar to the one we have discovered in flies also operates in humans.’
Researchers are now trying to find out how to activate the sleep switch is so that it can be used to treat insomnia.

Dr Diogo Pimentel, who also worked on the project, said: ‘The big question now is to figure out what internal signal the sleep switch responds to. ‘What do these sleep-promoting cells monitor while we are awake? If we knew what happens in the brain during waking that requires sleep to reset, we might get closer to solving the mystery of why all animals need to sleep.’
Professor Miesenböck said there are probably two mechanisms that regulate sleep patterns.
One is the body clock, the circadian rhythm which attunes humans and animals to the 24 hour cycle of day and night.
The other - the sleep ‘homeostat’ - keeps track of waking hours and acts as a switch to make the body nod off.
Professor Miesenböck said: ‘The body clock says it’s the right time, and the sleep switch has built up pressure during a long waking day.
‘The sleep homeostat is similar to the thermostat in your home. A thermostat measures temperature and switches on the heating if it’s too cold.
‘‘The sleep homeostat measures how long a fly has been awake and switches on a small group of specialized cells in the brain if necessary. It’s the electrical output of these nerve cells that puts the fly to sleep.’
ed cells in the brain if necessary. The researchers demonstrated their theory by removing the homeostat neurons from the brains of a group of fruit flies.
They found the insects without the relevant neurons did not have regular sleep - they turned into insomniacs and were prone to nodding off at irregular hours.
They had severe learning and memory deficits, in the same way that sleep loss in humans leads to problems.
Dr Donlea said: ‘We discovered mutant flies that couldn’t catch up on their lost sleep after they had been kept awake all night.’

Above info published by Daily Mail UK
based on research from:-

November 19th 2010 

As we should all be aware, the value of the Dollar is dropping in proportion to the amount of extra dollars being printed under the name of Quantitive Easing. Consequently the value of precious and primal metals  is now hitting unbelivable prices on the world markets.

It is because of this, for example  the cost of gold has now more than doubled and we will have to increase our prices after December 2010 after our current stocks run out.  At this time we do not know houw much our costs and thus the costs ofour colloidals will have to be raised early in 2011.  We apologize for these forthcoming increases which unfortunately are beyond our control.

  Alchemists Workshop © Oct 28th 2010




Claim and Counter Claim – The Hype goes on…and on

Disinformation by Vested Interests


Manipulating the seeds of confusion relating to Colloidal Silver:-

·        colour of colloidal silver

·        adding of proteins+

·        Ionic or not ionic

·        Effective level of ppm

·        Argyria and the infamous Blue Man

·        Only Three Important Needs for Colloidal Silver


The colour of colloidal silver


Much has been written about the correct colour of colloidal silver, but unfortunately no one has explained that all colour, ranging from none ie clear through to dark amber are all basically the same. There are those on the internet that state only theirs is the true colloidal and claims range from clear through pale yellow, citrine, topaz through to amber and dark amber. However from our own experience all of this depends on the following things.


  1. Purity of water
  2. Purity of the actual source silver rods used
  3. The time of day and time of the month the colloidal silver extraction takes place will effect the colloidal silver outcome.
  4. Sun-spots – The occurrence of sunspots will  effect the colour outcome of colloidal silver.


So although there is a vast range of colour difference it would seem from our own experience that providing all the above points about purity remain at .999pure and the water is three times steam distilled – then the most common outcome is a pale golden colour, ranging to an amber colour depending upon strength (ppm).


An 11ppm to 15pppm  usually comes out at a golden  colour, and a 100ppm -500ppm usually comes out at between a pale amber to a dark amber. All things being equal however, I have known the colours to shift at certain times of the year to reflect an almost invisible pale yellow or even a clear result for an 11ppm to 15ppm both of which will still show the same Tyndal Effect; that of a foggy beam through a mist, when a light beam is passed through the apparently clear colloidal solution. This effect validates a colloidal and is the same whatever colour it is and depends only upon the strength of the colloidal as to its density.


Addition of Proteins and other Additives

Quite frankly a true colloidal made in this modern day should be made in the same way as its originator Faraday invented at the turn of the 18th century. That being the  use of low levels of electricity to pull off microscopic particles of silver from pure silver rods, creating silver particles with a positive charge.


Before this event silver water or so-called colloidal silver was made using a method of pounding the silver down to a very fine dust and then putting them in a container of water. The problem was that the silver particles were far too large and sank to the bottom of the glass container or bottle.  So they subsequently added other additives to help keep the silver particles in suspension; these included common salt which then dangerously changes the silver to silver chloride which definitely isn’t good for you to imbibe.


Because these early silver particles were very large in comparison to modern day colloidals, they also risked the user contracting Argyria which results in the skin turning blue. I hasten to add that there has never been a case of this from the use of properly made colloidal silver as made according to the Faraday model.


So the true meaning and definition of a colloidal solution is one where the mineral element is suspended in only pure clean water by its own electrical charge and NOTHING ELSE IS ADDED.  Anything added will only detract from the benefits of a true colloidal.


In an attempt to try and patent colloidal silver (which is in the public domain) quite a few scientific companies today claim that it is the combination of their additives that create a patentable special colloidal, which will do more than a regular colloidal.  Quite frankly we believe that this is just a smoke screen to obtain a type of patent on a regular colloidal. It’s for you to make up your own minds about this aspect of the subject.


To sum up the situation as to the use of additives:-

  1. Any type of additive diminishes and negates the effect of a true colloidal silver.
  2. The use of salt or any other type of suspension additive can not only harm you when taken orally but is used by some unscrupulous makers who need to either create a suspension for their larger and heavier silver particles and are thus forced to use a suspension compound or solution. But some will also use things to add colour which they think will help them sell their questionable products.
  3. Finally it can be seen that only super fine or ultrafine microscopic silver particles suspended only by their own positive electrical charge and nothing else can be really described as a true colloidal silver.


Ionic versus non-Ionic Particles.

Claim and Counter Claim – The Hype goes on…and on – There is so much disinformation around about colloidal silver as to make you wonder where it all comes from and in whose interest it is for it to continue.

Basically  there is  a very short answer to this seemingly complex question and that is as follows:-


An ion is a charged particle  - a true colloidal particle is an electrically  charged particle. Thus all true colloidals are made up of ionic particles.

What I don’t understand us how this controversy ever arose in the first place.

How can you describe an almost nano-sized charged particle of silver anything other than an ion. So why can’t you call it ionic silver.

So-called colloidal silver that is not made carrying a positive charge cannot be a true colloidal silver at all, but is in fact an abomination using other means of suspension and therefore is not pure and has lost its most intrinsic dynamism – its reason for existence…..


Effective level of a true Colloidal Silver


There is a lot of misunderstanding about what is the best ppm level for a colloidal silver.  Unfortunately all the best and educational information as laid out by some of the largest and most respected institutions in the US, have allowed themselves and their finding about colloidal silver to be removed from the internet.


In past clinical studies published on the internet, by as diverse institutions as John Hopkins, University of Northern Texas and UCLA California; the consensus regarding what is an effective ppm for colloidal silver seems to be 11ppm /12ppm. This strength has been shown extremely effective in eradicating and killing most illness and disease in-vitro within  twenty minutes. Obviously when killing off these same bugs and pathogens within the human body, a much longer period would be needed.    It is  not our place here to go into all the types of    germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens that silver can eradicate as there is ample information available on US sites like and International sites like and


Only in the case of trying to treat stubborn and serious conditions is there a need to use an Ultrafine Colloidal Silver of 485ppm/500ppm; anything higher is, in the opinion of this writer, a complete waste of time.


Argyria and the infamous Blue Man


If the misinformation wasn’t so serious in questioning the validity of colloidal silver, it would indeed be laughable.

Many, many years ago a man living a pretty much holistic and wholesome life decided to make his own so-called colloidal silver. Only it wasn’t true colloidal silver, it was powdered silver dust that he put into water and then proceeded to drink about 4ozs a day for many years. So much so that his skin became a greyish blue. This is a condition called Argyria. It is caused when the particles are too large to pass through the body’s membranes. We don’t know how, or if he suspended these large silver particles, but either way the particles built up in his body causing the skin reaction. Other than his skin turning colour as above, he suffered no toxic poisoning despite his silver overload.  He was reported to have said that he remained healthy and always used his own silver to eradicate any  type of infections over the years.


Now the story really gets interesting. Based on the above occurrence he has become the poster boy for the heavy anti-colloidal silver lobby; being rolled out whenever they try to suppress the sale of this unique and historically successful health product.  The huge Pharma interests would like to suppress the sale of all colloidal silver and have used this guy’s crazy actions to support their claims that it is not safe. 


However despite all their claims, and in particular the specific event highlighted above, there has never ever been one single solitary report through the FDA or EDA of any toxic or any poisonous case being reported to these two organizations relating to true colloidal silver, - EVER!


The whole series of anti-silver propaganda has been very well orchestrated and yet the US Government still continues to fund the United Nation’s World Health Organization’s projects throughout South America and of late Africa, promoting the use of colloidal silver to kill off all types of water borne diseases,  including cholera and typhoid just to mention  two.  The US Governments backing amounts to $57 million Dollars! So one part of the US Government DOES KNOW IT WORKS and people don’t turn blue!


Only Three Important Needs for an Effective Colloidal Silver


So now you want to know what makes up a good and effective true colloidal silver, which is safe to use, organic, and pure; which will do the job that you want it to do?


  1. For almost all conditions a colloidal silver of between 10ppm to 14ppm is sufficient to solve most conditions. *(subject to the quality of particle size)


Although it should be noted that it will take usually between three to ten days treatment once a condition has taken hold.  In the event of using colloidal silver as soon as the first signs appear and using it both orally and a few drops in each nasal passage in the event of early warning symptoms of sinus infection, head cold, or sore throat and cough; in which case you can sometimes eradicate it overnight if caught early enough.

The same strength of 10ppm – 14ppm is also a very effective strength for treating topical conditions like cuts, abrasions, sprains, skin ulcers*, Acne* and Psoriasis.

* In some incidents of severe and large open skin ulcers and severe cases of Acne and Psoriasis it may be more effective and faster to use an ultrafine Super Silver of 485/500ppm


It’s Not the PPM which has to be higher  –

But the Particle Size that has to be SMALLER.

Particle size of an almost nano-sized particle measuring about 0.10 to 0.001 mcg is considered the best and most effective because it can enter a human blood cell which is about 1.00 mcg. Thus it can enter and eradicate invading germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens. It is also small enough to pass through all skin membranes and thus be evacuated from the human or mammal body in the normal manner, so avoiding any chance of a toxic build-up. The smaller the particle size – the longer it takes to create and thus in a lot of cases the silver is of a larger particle size and thus less effective.  Ultrafine colloidal silver is made from these tiny ultrafine particles.



  1. Purity of water and Silver source is essential because any impurity can and will diminish or even negate the benefits of the resultant colloidal.

 The less pure the silver rods that are used, - the higher the amount of additional  unknown metals that are present in the silver and thus this will be transferred into the resultant silver colloidal. Consequently you will end up with an amalgamation of silver and other metals in your finished product. Not acceptable and could be risky. For example some Ma an’ Pa operations use the odd bit of old silver jewellery to make their colloidals – these are not pure enough and thus could be introducing other metals like nickel and other alloys which are not going to do you any good at all.  Some reputable colloidal makers only use medical quality gold and silver at .999 purity which of coarse is the best possible outcome.


The amount of solids and minerals in ordinary water is now well known and if not steam distilled will transpose their unwelcome contribution to the final outcome of a colloidal mixture.  Thus it is vitally necessary to steam-distil the water used, enough times to remove all these impurities to provide a pure and effective true colloidal.



  1. Bottles – NOT PLASTIC But Glass or Ceramic

If the bottles are made from glass they should be colour tinted to severely cut down on sunlight penetration, so preventing an unwanted interaction between the charged colloidal particles and the sun’s rays containing photons and protons.

Admittedly tinted glass bottles are a lot more expensive that plain plastic or even coloured plastic bottles, however there is also another equally important consideration. Plastic is notoriously known for holding a static electrical charge. Over time this builds up and can totally negate the positive charge contained in your colloidal particles – thus negating the whole process and leaving you with a useless plastic bottle of water with the bottom of the bottle littered with tiny small clumps of small particles.

an article

Redefining Time and Space



Mineral water
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mineral water is water containing minerals or other dissolved substances that alter its taste or give it therapeutic value. Salts, sulfur compounds, and gases are among the substances that can be dissolved in the water. Mineral water can often be effervescent. Mineral water can be prepared or can be obtained from naturally occurring mineral springs. In many places, mineral water is often colloquially used to mean carbonated water, which is usually carbonated mineral water, as opposed to tap water.

The Definition of Mineral Water  -  definitions




  1. Mineral water is water that contains very small amounts of mineral salts and oligo elements. Oligo elements are ions of elements like calcium magnesium, sodium, chromium, copper, iron, chlorine, manganese, selenium, fluorine and boron. Because of the electrical charge carried by the ions, the minerals can dissolve in water that passes over them as precipitation.
  2. Modern agricultural methods tend to deplete the minerals that occur naturally in the soil and which would normally be ingested by the plants and eaten by people as vegetables. As early as 1936, the United States Senate Document 264 reported that most Americans, 99 percent in fact, were deficient in minerals and needed them to be supplemented in their diets. Mineral water is considered to be one way that people can obtain these supplements.
  3. While mineral water historically came straight from the mineral springs, today it can be produced chemically in the laboratory using mineral salts. Only an angstrom in size, the mineral salts combine with water after being treated with an electrical colloidial mineral maker. Mineral water comes in bottles that contain individual minerals or combinations of minerals that are supposed to help specific conditions. Because of the minerals, the water can taste bitter.
  4. Mineral water caused some famous cities and resorts to be located near natural springs. One of the most famous is a healing spring in Berkeley, West Virginia, that George Washington named Bath in 1776. Earlier resorts where people went to bath in the mineral water were at Lynn Springs, Massachusetts and Stafford Springs, Connecticut. President Andrew Jackson named Hot Springs, Arkansas, the first American nature preserve created because of the mineral water there.

Definitions of mineral water on the Web:


Naturally occurring or prepared water that contains dissolved mineral salts, elements, or gases, often used therapeutically.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language

(Medicine) water containing dissolved mineral salts or gases, usually having medicinal properties

Collins English Dictionary  Complete and Unabridged 6th

  The following link is expected to go live May/June 2011

  Alchemystic Waters  tm.

The Precious Mineral Water Cu  AG

Silver Moon Springs                                                           

                   Silver Moon Springs tm                                        Gold Hill Springs tm                               Copper Mountain Springs tm                

The Precious Mineral Water Co AG   The Precious Mineral Water Co  is a tradmark of Alchemedica Intl.
Since the dawn of time peoples around the world have discovered and praised the benefits of both drinking and using mineral water topically; containing such primal elements as copper and zinc and precious minerals like silver and gold for their physical health benefits. Additionally they are used topically to relieve pain, prevent and treat infections and one is known as a natural antibiotic known to kill over 600 disease causing viruses and bacteria. Others for arthritis, brain, glands and libido. Another for blood and arteries cleansing and collagen.

The above three mineral waters are all passed though a distillation  and extraction process to provide the three separate kinds of speciality  .999 pure mineral waters shown.

The above three specialist mineral waters will be introduced shortly  and will be available in 100ml. 500ml 1ltr. and 5ltr bottles.

These health supplementation mineral waters will be available from The Precious Mineral Water Co and prices and links will be posted here shortly in May-June 2010