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When comparing price comparisons with colloidal silver, copper and gold you must make sure not to compare apples with oranges!
Just like not all fruit are similar and that all vegetarian matter can be eaten safely, - so the same exists amongst the world of colloidals.

The Alchemists Eternal Spiral
(ancient graphic and text)

precious and primal charged colloidal minerals
(ion size between 0.010 - 0.001 micron).


1) It is very important when comparing prices, not to compare 'apples' with 'oranges'. As most businesses that offer colloidals make them using a fast extraction rate, the resulting colloidal ions are much bigger than our Ultrafine sized particles (0.010 - 0.001 microns - almost nano-sized!) and thus these cheaper but larger particles are much less effective!   Most importantly, is that large colloidal particles cannot enter individual blood cells to attack infectious organisms. Consequently fast commercial production methods where the colloidal is made in say 6 to 8 hours cannot be made small enough within the time restraints to be really that effective.

2) It has come to our notice that there are retail health stores offering a 100ml. colloidal silver at so-called 'half price' for £6.99 Pounds. Their regular price is £13.99 and is offered for sale in a
plastic bottle and dropper. We would point out that if you inspect the labeling carefully, you will see that it is only 3ppm. Besides losing its effecacy through the use of plastic bottles, this price is NOT COMPARABLY cheaper than ours. This is because you would need FOUR BOTLES OF THIS TYPE OF COLLOIDAL to make up the strength to 12ppm to equal our Ultrafine Colloidal Silver, thus making their comparable pricing £27.96 for the same strength and potency as ours. At their regular price it would be the equivelant of £55.92 for what we are offering for 23.50.
In other words, what appears to be initially cheaper-  is in fact MORE THAN TWICE OUR PRICE!

3) It is also important to know that the optimum ppm density as clinicaly tested by innumerable scientific institutions, is between 7ppm - 12ppm. At this level of potency it has been found that germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens are eradicated. We therefore see no point in making a preparation of only 3-4ppm. Furthermore the only benefit of attaining a 400ppm-800ppm is that although it is no more effective at killing illness and disease than colloidals in the 7-12ppm range, it does work faster and more efficiently on hard to kill and serious conditions. (even then the size of the colloidal particles and their purity is paramount).

4) The use of PLASTIC for bottling colloidals and the use of plastic droppers, is NOT CONDUSIVE to maintaining the electrical charge of the charged colloidal particles. This is because over a period of time, static electricity will diminish the efficacy of the colloidal and diminish and collapse the particles contained within.

Only the best quality, of the smallest particle size, packed into glass bottles is going to do the job. So even if another colloidal appears cheaper, what's the point if it does not meet the above criteria?! Its probably worthless.