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Pure Colloidal Gold

GOLD regular ultrafine 12 ppm  (now also available as Ruby~Red Gold 12.5ppm - 25ppm - 50ppm - 100ppm)

Ultrafine Colloidal Gold. Calms the whole neural system, increases IQ, libido, relieves arthritis + more. Gold has been used for centuries in treatment for arthritis and Parkinsons disease.

brain function.  IQ increased by as much as 25%-35% in latest clinical tests.
heart rhythm, regulate and balance
relieves STRESS
calms entire neural system
relieves nerve induced pain
assists removing joint discomfort

Colloidal Gold is also effective for treatment of A.D.D (Attention Deficit Disorder) for adults and children.


Colloidal Gold, for neural system, nerves, stress, IQ. heart rhythm, arthritis, libido, brain function. Colloidal Gold Increased IQ by as much as 25%-35% in latest clinical tests. Colloidal Gold can be a very effective STRESS RELIEVER, brings fast stress relief. While when applied topically can relieve stress related aches and pain. Colloidal Gold works well together with Colloidal Copper on joints and arthritis.

Assists in maintaining the hearts natural rhythm
Assists in achieving relaxed sleep and maintaining a regular sleeping pattern.
Assists in calming the entire neural system and achieving relaxation.
Good for all types of skin care and beauty enhancement.
Increases IQ and maintains the increase with small daily amount taken orally.

Colloidal Gold can also be effective in treating age and brain related ailments, especially conditions like Bipolar, Parkinsons and other brain related chemical imbalance conditions, related to aging and involuntary nerve and muscular movements.

Clinical tests with Colloidal Gold have shown remarkable increase in IQ when taken regularly for a month, amounting to an increase of up to 35% in IQ which dropped after stopping the daily colloidal gold intake over the following months.

Very beneficial for skin care when applied topically.

Next Generation of Colloidal Gold

A true Liquid Gold to strengthen the Mind, Body and Soul.

Named Ruby Red Gold after its natural beautiful ruby red color at between 50ppm and 100ppm. 

Ruby-Red Gold  tm

The fantasmological effect of a ruby color emanating from a clear glass bottle of water which contains no coloring agents whatsoever and is only caused by light refraction from milliions of microscopic nano particles of pure gold is truly awe inspiring.  The knowledge about using gold to produce a ruby red color was known as far back as the original making of ruby red glass. But to achieve all of this it was necesary to mix in additves of nitrates or chlorides to achieve the color.  Now at last, by harnessing the same concept as the sun uses to achieve its own rebirth of golden energy, we can create miniscule nano partilces of pure gold so tiny that they become denser in the surrounding water and offer a combined much larger area of refracted light gerneation at the reuby red end of the spectrum.  All of his means we have an even more effective ultimate colloidal gold for health and beauty solutions.

Harnesing the secrets of past Sun Gods and that of the combustion secrets of the Sun itself - we bring you our incredible colloidal Ruby Red GOLD to treat: -

Nerves - Neural Pain -  Stress -  Nerve related spasms -  Brain related tremmors -  prevention reduce the threat of Heart and Stroke  -  Heart rhythm regulater -  ARTHRITIS, with Copper. - Skin improvement - Increase IQ.

The visual color pales as the ppm drops to 25ppm when it becomes a paler ruby/rose; and  pales still further to a rose' at 12ppm

Nothing added other than nano particles of gold in pure distilled water.

Ruby Red Gold is created utilizing physics technology stolen from the sun.  It is pure ultrafine Colloidal Gold at its finest.

 All Four Colour and ppm strengths

The half liter clear glass botles shown here, are only being used to represent the individual diferent ppm colours of the four colloidals and are not sold with any of our colloidlals. - only available in amber bottles.

NOTE:  Glass Bottles
All clear glass botles shown here, are only being used to represent the individual diferent ppm colours of the four colloidals and are not sold with any of our colloidlals. - only available in amber glass bottles to maintain quality and effectiveness.