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Pure Colloidal Silver

All colloidal silvers are not the same.

We can only speak for ourselves and our own products but even when dealing with the cheapest and lowest strength, all concede to being packaged within a darkened glass bottle which is usually impervious to static electricity building up as could be the case when using a plastic bottle and therefore destroying the electrified particles within the bottle. So a glass bottle or ceramic bottle is a necessity.

Secondly all our bottles are of darkened amber or cobalt blue color because this will offer protection against the suns rays containing damaging rays which can effect the colloidal particles.

Other than above all our colloidals no mater the cost are made using three times steam distilled water of the highest medical IV quality and purity; plus all precious and primal metals are of .999 purity.

The Difference in Price.

The difference in the price between our own colloidal silver is due to the strength ie the ppm offered within each type of colloidal silver ranging from 10ppm up to 500ppm. The top strength being 50 times stronger than the bottom strength. Therefore the stronger colloidal will complete its task of healing and repair whilst eradicating the cause of the problem by killing off germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergens and pathogens in half the time or even less.  Obviously for really strong and persistent infections and slow healing situations, it is more effective to use the stronger colloidal silvers.( or formulas ready made for you and offered in our Formulated Solutions)
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Colloidal SILVER 14 ppm Ultrafine Quality (medium) 50ml.aprx.2ozs £14.95 FREE 1st Class mail DELIVERY for UK.

Colloidal SILVER 14 ppm Large 50ml aprx 2ozs. Most effective ultrafine colloidal to fight illness and disease accelerate skin muscle and bone repair - Most versatile does it all alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and side effects.

Creme d'Or - The International 24crt Gold Standard of Skin Cream - Lrge 60grm List £135 SAVE £20.00

Crème d'Or or cream of GOLD is the ultimate colloidal gold cream for body and face. Its alchemistic composition includes rare organic essential oils and vegan aloronic , dead sea crystals and seaweed extract.