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We continue to extend our range of Ultrafine Colloidal products for the vitality of your  health, the longevity of  life, the relief of pain, and the restoration and enhancement of beauty.

These colloidal skin creams, gels, and solutions, work on perfecting the skin surface and increasing natural elasticity, but more important, work in the sub-derma area, regenerating damaged cells and promoting collagen to erase wrinkles and sagging skin.

Introducing 21st century scientific breakthroughs into millennia of ancient alchemistic natural organic Beauty and Skincare
We let your own body make the repairs and adjustments necessary to maintain a firm and toned skin while protecting it from the harsher realities of today's climate change weather and pollution.  The colloidal solutions and creams do just that!  Without all the chemicals and/or additives of the multinational corporate branded makeup and preparations.

Sixteen years invested into research of how collodials could be used to their best unique advantage when incorporated into organic natural beauty treatments. We already knew the benefits to restore and renovate skin and the sub-derma layer where the collagen is produced and could be stimulated. We knew how the colloidals would stimulate the the natural repair mechanism to renew damaged skin cells; but he problem was how to create a delivery method in a glass container and how to make a cream that would allow  a water based colloidal to remain suspended within the cream and at the same time allow it to travel through the skin and enter the sub-derma layers to regenerate collagen and help the skins elasticity to improve to become firmer and thus relieve those tiny wrinkles.

The good news is that all was completed within the first ten years, except for the cream which took us another six years of R&D to come up with a cream that virtually does everything .

We are sure that you will enjoy the fruits of our long and arduous labours  and will find that you will now only need about three of our ALCHEME products, to do what before needed six to ten...

The use of the alchemists potions for beauty and skincare goes back to biblical times and was purportedly used by queens Cleopatra, Neffertiti, and the Queen of Sheba to enhance their beauty. The use of alchemy was first recorded to have been used by Miriam, the sister of Moses and thus spans at least five thousand years. Its use in ancient Arabia is also well documented, as is its use throughout the Middle Ages right across Europe and was undoubtedly the true forerunner of modern day medicine and science. However Alchemy was, and still, is based on the Natural; although the basic process is based on the purification of all matter by a process of distillation so as to release the basic elements of goodness and ultimate purity so we can elevate ourselves, our state of health, and our state of wellbeing.

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ALCHEME - SKIN MAGIC  SprayMist 50ml.

SKIN MAGIC SprayMist 50ml. UK £ 19.95 An 'Any time - Any Place' skin restorer spray mist. Can be used over make-up or nature'. Contains Ultrafine Colloidal GOLD, SILVER and COPPER with essential oils. Protect and defend you skin against adverse weather and pollution; accelerates natural healing and can be used whenever you need it. Medium 50ml. SKIN MAGIC SprayMist 50ml. UK £ 19.95

Creme d'Or - The International 24crt Gold Standard of Skin Cream - Lrge 60grm List £135 SAVE £20.00

Crème d'Or or cream of GOLD is the ultimate colloidal gold cream for body and face. Its alchemistic composition includes rare organic essential oils and vegan aloronic , dead sea crystals and seaweed extract.

CREME EXTREME....the cream that will get down into the deep tissue and root out cause of the problem.

EXTREME-CREAM for extreme skin and health conditions. Works on skin and also sub-derma level for those problems below the skin. Effective on muscle and joints, sprains, torn ligaments and joint aches..

Gaea Herbal Earth Cream - Worlds Greatest Herb and Gold to perfect your skin..and more