From ancient China, India, biblical Egypt, Arabia & Middle East, Europe.
It forms the basis of natural pharmacopia and was successfully used extensively till the emergence of modern-day patented big pharma chemical medicine.

Remember Holistic Alchemy has been successfully treating illness and disease for thousands of years, and where the actual word CHEMIST derives from.  The birth and experimentation of natural herbal and mineral potent solutions was started mlllennia ago and still continues today, here with Alchemists Workshop.  Leave the harmful chemicals out of your natural life, and work together in harmony with the natural elements already here on Earth which can interact to our benefit.


"Foolish the doctor who despises the knowledge acquired by the ancients." — Hippocrates
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*****SUPER ASSIST ***** Super Copper 200ppm and Super Silver 480ppm latest info that copper defends against and kills viruses - Best Combination

*****SUPER ASSIST ***** Super Copper 200ppm and Super Silver 480ppm latest info that copper defends against and kills viruses - Best Combination

FIGHT AND KILL viruses and pathogens then symptoms are gone!

High colloidal concentration formula - defends body, and attacks all infections from germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens. Fast acting potent ppm Super Silver up to 450-500ppm PLUS Super Copper 200ppm. For use internally and topically. Greate germ and bacteria killer! We don't know of any circumstances where any single-celled invader has not been eradicated within a clinical petri dish environment within a few hours maximum. (obviously within a living complex organism like the human body it will take from days to a few weeks to finally eradicate an entire infection, depending on how early in the infection process this Super Assist  Super Colloidal Mix is administered.

latest article sent in by one of our clients

viruses include norovirus, adenovirus and poliovirus.

Numerous peer-reviewed studies by Keevil and colleagues have shown that norovirus is rapidly and thoroughly inactivated upon exposure to
copper, and German studies have shown that copper is also effective against other viruses. Other studies have shown that surfaces made from so-called "antimicrobial" copper (pure copper or copper alloys) have an 80 percent lower rate of microbial contamination than surfaces made from other materials.

Copper kills viruses, superbugs

For many years, health researchers have been interested in the potential of copper to help stem the spread of dangerous infections, particularly in hospital settings. Because microbes are killed merely by contact with the copper itself and no further action is required by healthcare staff, antimicrobial copper is considered a "no touch" solution. Experts have suggested that hospitals could drastically hamper the spread of diseases including Ebola by replacing frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, faucets and light switches with antimicrobial copper.

Copper has also shown great promise against other superbugs, such as antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In a 2012 study also conducted by Keevil and colleagues, and published in the journal mBio, antimicrobial copper surfaces were found to kill antibiotic-resistant strains of both Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae, whereas stainless steel did not. Copper also destroyed the bacteria's DNA, suggesting that it could also help prevent the spread of drug resistance to other species.

"We know many human pathogens survive for long periods in the hospital environment and can lead to infection, expensive treatment, blocked beds and death," Keevil said. "What we have shown in this work is the potential for strategically-placed antimicrobial copper touch surfaces to not only break the chain of contamination, but also actively reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance developing at the same time."

Found effective in protecting and defending against most types of germs and viruses especially when taken with the very first onset of symptoms. (sore or itchy throat, dry cough or swollen or painful sinuses) Very Effective when administered directly into the nasal passages using a pipette dropper. - two drops into each nasal nostril whilst holding the head back, and sniffing the solution into the sinus cavities and especially the top and back of the throat. (Using it in this manner can wipe out most infections at their earliest infection threat).
100ml. aprox 4ozs) £48.00


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