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Unsolicited email testimonials ( a small selection)

From: "MS" []
Date: 09/17/2012 01:20 PM
To: ""

Subject: Thank you!!

I wrote you about a month ago that I wanted to try the Eureka Elixir of Life to release radiation from Chernobyl that I incurred when I was there in 1986.

I also ordered your Weight Management colloidals and did 4 weeks of a detox (colloidals, meditation, no alcohol, no sugar, and no white flour). I wanted to tell you that in 4 weeks I was given guidance that the radiation is completely gone and I shed 30 pounds in the 28 days.

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate the effectiveness and quality products that you sell!




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From: RTLS
Date: 04/30/2010 11:54 PM
To: "Colloidal" <>

Subject: Re: Quick Query

Hello you Amazing People!

Just a quick query about administration of colloidal silver into my dog's nose.

Can I use a PLASTIC pipette? I have read the information about storing colloidals in plastic bottle and the adverse effects. Would this effect still take place on immediate contact with a plastic pipette?

Presently, I am using a small corner of a cotton pad to absorb the colloidal poured onto a teaspoon and then squeeze it into her nostril.

By the way - she has chronic rhinitis that is green, gunky and her left nostril was totally closed and she had difficulty breathing. Last year it took £200 worth of treatment to 'clear' the problem. On just two administrations of colloidal silver, there was a vast difference and she now comes to me willingly for a morning and evening drops. She also has half a teaspoon orally, once daily.

My other Shepherd is very ill and he has a full teaspoon daily. He had biopsies as a very last resort two months back (before I started the colloidals myself). It was found that his heart and liver are not functioning properly and he has IBD (Intestinal Bowel Dysfunction/Disorder). He was on steroids (yuk!) but had no quality of life and life is for living and we have always walked a couple of hours a day and swum together, etc. Anyway, my aim was to get the guts settled and let nature takes its course for the heart and liver - he is 10 and I am not earning much and he is no longer insured.

After the second administration, he was brighter, allowing me to touch him again (since the 'illness' he would hide behind the couch and became generally hypersensitive to touch, smell, etc and pre-illness, he always had daily massage and was a very touch-feely dog. And three days ago he swam to the middle of the lake and competed over a stick with my other Shepherd (above) and won! I realise that more progress is to be made as the colloidal silver has to build up in his system, but am so thrilled at what I have seen and the whole 'ease' of his bodies. I would love to give him Gold (he is severely hypo-active of the thyroid since the age of 18 months), but money is tight and starting myself on colloidals was a big financial step - but bloody hell do I feel marvellous!!!!

Many thanks and warm regards,


the collection of colloidal gold, silver and copper which I bought from you was totally effective.
Please send me two more bottles of 4 oz copper and one 4oz silver plus a 2 oz gold.
Once again thanks.


Sept 2nd 2004

Today I received my second colloidal order. Thank you very much.

I would like also to inform you about the great results of the Super Colloidal Silver that had on me.

After 3 months of fighting against a set of viruses, causing me pneumonia, and after using all the latest generation anti-biotics that exist today, with no result, I used for 2 weeks your Super Colloidal Silver (ten drops under tongue once a day) and now I'm completely cured.

Doctors cannot believe it. I plan to start using your 'normal' Colloidal Silver (10-15 ppm) for two or three months in order to stabilize my condition.

Thank you
Dimitris Angelikakis
Athens, Greece.

The big success story is my cat.

She had a nervous condition that caused her to be very high strung; her back and tail were almost constantly twitching, and she was easily startled by noise, even when
she would see me doing it (and therefore 'knew' it was not a threat).

After a few weeks of taking 1/2 tsp of gold/day she became less 'twitchy', and more affectionate than ever. (I had tried a 1/4 tsp, but that dose did not seem to have much effect.)

She's never been a lap cat, but suddenly began to snuggle
with me when I read or watched TV. It's such a lovely unexpected bonus. That was impressive enough.
But now she is completely within the realm of 'normal' for a cat.

Her back doesn't twitch at all any more.
Her tail does sometimes...but is perfectly normal.
The real wow happened today when she let me trim her nails without any fuss at all. I never expected that. She's always hated it, and has been very vocal in her unhappiness about it. But today, she lay relatively still while 'mom did her thing.' Truly amazing.

I admit that prior to trying your colloidal remedies, I went so far as to put her on prescribed medication for
a short time to relieve her anxiety. But she became drowsy and developed a bizarre grooming reflex when
I petted her. I stopped the medication before starting her on the gold and she is now clear of its effects.

She is more playful than she's been in years and is no longer exhibiting that bizarre grooming behavior.

I'm delighted beyond description at the improved quality of her life. Thank you very much for making this
remedy available. We're both so much happier for it.

Most sincerely,


USA May 2005

......tried your colloidal silver and found it stopped my cough within a few hours, and cured it entirely over a few days. The Eureka Elixir seems to get rid of all my aches and pains. Please send me a bottle
of 4oz Silver and Elixir.
San Fernando Valley, CA.


Subject: Re: Hepatitis - formula? - Yes !
Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 18:51:50 -0500

To Merlinski,
Wanted to let you know and thankyou so much for your product. My daughter took your formula and the last two blood test have shown the hepatitis C is not found in her blood test. Remarkable. Thanks again, T. H

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To: th
Sent: Saturday, November 06, 2004 7:28 AM
Subject: Hepatitis - formula? - Yes !

Hello T. H,
Yes, according to the research carried out by the John Hopkins Institute, an effective fine colloidal silver has been shown effective in killing the Hepatitis C in-vitro within minutes of contact.
I personally would suggest that you use one teaspoon a day of our Ultrafine Super Silver 400+ppm for a faster response, which should be held under the tongue for twenty to 30 seconds before swallowing. I would administer this protocol twice a day for the first three days and then once a day thereafter until the 100ml.aprx 4oz bottle is finished. This would be for a person over thirteen years of age. If your daughter is younger then I would recommend the same procedure but with our regular Ultrafine Colloidal Silver 12ppm. This will take longer and I would recommend that you would probably need two 4oz bottles as it is much weaker and will take longer to kill off all the pathogens.

You may order any of these colloidals or browse the selection at the following URL by just clicking on to the following:-

I hope this has been helpful and I look forward to helping in this matter.

Please be healthy, happy and wise,


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From: "th"
To: Alchemists Workshop
Subject: formula?
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 08:47:02 -0600

My daughter has hepititus C and I was wondering if you have a special formula for this ailment. thank you, T. H  

My first order of Colloidal Silver was really effective, and I would like to order 5 x 4oz bottles of Colloidal Silver ( 2 with spray tops). So that my husband and I can have one each..

    .... was amazed and delighted by the incredible success I achieved on my FIVE YEAR blight of Psoriasis - Nothing has worked on this problem over the intervening years - EXCEPT YOUR ALCHEMISTS WORKSHOP COLLOIDAL SILVER! I'm pleased to say it has completely disappeared and I am free of this unsightly scourge.
Thank you for your great product.
Santa Monica CA.

Hi Barrington,
Just a short note to let you know your Sore Throat Specific Formula just cured my three week virus caused sore throat within 24 hours! After three doctors visits and three diferent medicines, all of which didn't work, I was desperate to get some relief. The Sore Throat Formula definitely works!
West LA.

We got your copper and gold within 4 days of us ordering on the net.
This ultrafine colloidal is really something else! My husband and I used it to treat an unidentified bug which we caught here in Tenerife and the Silver killed it off in FOUR DAYS. The copper is useful intreating wounds and bruises, caused during underwater exploration.
Please send us a repeat order plus a bottle of the Sinus formula.
Tenerife (Spain)