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Ultrafine COLLOIDAL GOLD 12ppm (Large) 100ml/aprx.4ozs (popular regular size)

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Colloidal Gold, for neural system, nerves, stress, IQ. heart rhythm, arthritis, libido, brain function. Colloidal Gold Increased IQ by as much as 25%-35% in latest clinical tests. Colloidal Gold can be a very effective STRESS RELIEVER, brings fast stress relief. While when applied topically can relieve stress related aches and pain. Colloidal Gold works well together with Colloidal Copper on joints and arthritis.

Assists in maintaining the hearts natural rhythm
Assists in achieving relaxed sleep and maintaining a regular sleeping pattern.
Assists in calming the entire neural system and achieving relaxation.
Good for all types of skin care and beauty enhancement.
Increases IQ and maintains the increase with small daily amount taken orally.

Colloidal Gold can also be effective in treating age and brain related ailments, especially conditions like Bipolar, Parkinsons and other brain related chemical imbalance conditions, related to aging and involuntary nerve and muscular movements. 

Clinical tests with Colloidal Gold have shown remarkable increase in IQ when taken regularly for a month, amounting to an increase of up to 35% in IQ which dropped after stopping the daily colloidal gold intake over the following months.
(#Au/4) 100ml. 

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